• Return, refund and cancellation policy: Our policy is not to offer refunds on Digital Products. Should you consider your situation to be a special circumstance then please get in contact with us and we shall consider your individual request. In the event that we do issue a refund, your access to the Digital Products will be revoked.
  • Once you ordered for the product & get it activated, we don’t provide any refunds or cancellation to it.
  • All of products that comes under “1 PC Unlimited Reset” condition are valid for 1 time activation at your PC / Rather or Anyhow after getting your PC Formatted or Hardware Changes you have to purchase the same if or else you want to. [Lifetime Means : Lifetime Activation in 1PC (if or else not formatted or not hardware changed) – (Activation is non transferable / non changeable) – (Whether you store the product in pendrive or anyother pc, it will only works in the PC you get it activated by us)
  • All the products sold for “Unlimited PC Unlimited Reset” you are allowed to use them in Any PC & Unlimited Reset.
  • All the products those are “Packaged in Single File” eg. “All L-Series Adjustment Program” they are once and all packages, we are not liable to give you any updates in future model addition or anything else, you have to buy if their is any new product added to it.
  • For any customer inquiries, please email [email protected]
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